At a time when prices are soaring and interest rates are rocketing, we understand that budgeting for a memorial can be challenging. That’s why we’ve introduced our Easy-Pay Memorial Plans, designed to help you secure the memorial of your choice at today’s prices, and pay for it in affordable monthly installments.

With a deposit of just 10%, you can lock in the price of your chosen memorial, safeguarding you against any future price increases.


Just simple monthly payments that you can more easily afford spread over a period of up to 24 months to best suit you.

See how it works below:

Once a 10% deposit is received, we will:

  • Raise paperwork to confirm the order
  • Produce a scale layout for approval
  • Raise cemetery/churchyard application forms and send for signature
  • Secure the memorial and if necessary, order materials with quarries to secure the price

Once a 50% deposit is received, we will:

  • Pay the cemetery/churchyard fee on your behalf to obtain a permit for the installation (if the Local Authority has increased the fee since the original order, we will confirm any increase and add it to your order)

Once an 80% deposit is received, we will:

  • Craft, carve and engrave your chosen memorial ready for final installation

Once a 100% deposit is received, we will:

  • Schedule and install the memorial at the cemetery/churchyard at the earliest opportunity



The only uncontrollable cost at the time of application is the cemetery/churchyard fee. Should this fee increase before the time of need, the additional cost will be payable prior to the memorial being erected.

NB: Please be aware that all deposits and payment on account are non-refundable.


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