Health & Safety and Memorial Fixings

The Importance of Memorial Health and Safety

Due to a number of factors including weather, age and change in the cemetery grounds, memorials can fall or become unstable over time and may need maintanence to stop this happening. It is important that all memorials meet the required health and safety standards. The importance of this is that falling memorials have been known to cause serious injuries to visitors, so it is essential for the grounds to be a safe place for everyone at all times.

We are very aware of the sensitivity regarding memorial safety and the necessity to get it right from the start with adequate consultation and notification before commencing any inspections so as to minimise any potential adverse reactions and upset. All staff are therefore trained on how to deal directly with any public queries or concerns in a compassionate and caring manner.


What we can offer 

  • Detailed and thorough Memorial Inspections by trained and experienced staff.
  • Detailed photographic record of memorial’s condition.
  • Detailed and thorough Risk Assessment on each individual memorial.
  • Detailed and itemised quotation for any remedial work required to ensure the memorial is rendered safe and secure – without any obligation.
  • All work carried out by our own staff who are: experienced, skilled, trained, BRAMM licensed and qualified.
  • All work carried out is fully guaranteed for a period of 30 years.
  • Specialist lifting and moving equipment including mini-cranes and access platforms / scaffolding etc

If you are at all concerned and feel that a memorial of a loved one would benefit from a memorial fixing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team.


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Our memorial insurrance covers you for accidental damage and vandalism, you can find out more information on our Memorial Insurrance page.