Pet Memorials

Here at Summers Memorials, we have been crafting beautiful pet memorials since 1906. We understand the pain of losing a pet, which is why we offer perfectly bespoke memorials to honour your departed friend.  

When a pet passes away you can be left with an enormous feeling of loss that some people may not understand. If you would find comfort in having something to remember your pet by, why not lay a pet memorial stone or plaque in their final resting place. This can be a powerful way to honour your pet, and it gives you somewhere to visit to remember all the fond memories.

 We understand how precious pets are to you, and we deal with any enquires with the greatest of respect. We offer the highest quality pet memorials in the UK, with an endless scope of design possibilities available.  

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Winston granite pet memorial
Two pet memorials designed by Summers Memorials, rabittwo personalised memorials with the pet names




What are Pet Memorials?


Just as we have a gravestone for a loved one who has passed away, a pet memorial is a marker for a departed furry friend. A pet memorial is a stone or plaque of the highest quality natural material, engraved with an inscription of your choice. This memorial inscription could just be your pet’s name, a short quote or even just a symbol such as a paw print or name tag.

Some people like to put a picture on their pet’s memorial and we also offer a service in which you can get an image finely engraved in to the stone.


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Materials used for Pet Memorials

While all of our materials are suitable for both exterior and interior use, some are more suited for exteriors like a gardens or farm. Our expert team can recommend which material best suits your style of memorial. Take a look at some of our material options below:


One of the materials used to craft stunning pet memorials

Granite – Granite can come in a range of different colours including red, black, blue pearl and star galaxy. It is the most traditional stone used within the memorial industry due to its durability and attractive finish. Its smooth surface makes it easy to polish and is a great material to engrave in to.

We can craft pet headstones in welsh slate

Welsh Slate – Distinctively blue-black in colour, Welsh Slate is known for being the most durable within the slate family and is known for stnding the test of time. Quarried in the North Wales Valleys, Welsh slate is full of historical value, being made up of millions of Pyrite and Quartz minerals and has been know to date back to over half a billion years. 

Summers craft pet memorials in Yorkstone material which is very versatile

Yorkstone – Part of the Sandstone family, Yorkstone is known for its versatility and rich tones. It is a wonderfully versatile material that engraves beautifully. Being lighter in colour, it looks lovely when left naturally engraved, but looks just as lovely when hand painted.

Crafting pet memorials on marble look just beautiful

Marble – The beautiful pattern within marble is caused by the recrystallization of the carbonated minerals. It is known as quite a luxurious stone, normally used in sculptures and buildings but it also makes a stunning pet memorial plaque. Marble also engraves well, often being hand painted with a black enamel paint.




Styles and Shapes of Pet Memorials

The style, size and shape of your per memorial will all depend on your personal preferences, although we’re happy to guide you step by step and offer all the information you need. Below are the three most popular shapes for pet memorials, but we can make your memorial as bespoke as you like. For example, dog memorials are generally larger than cat memorials, but this is all personal preference. 




Types of Pet Memorials

Your pet memorial can be as simple or bespoke as you would like. We love a challenge so if you have an idea and think it wouldn’t be achievable, run it past us and you will be surprised at what is possible.

 We offer a vast range of materials, and techniques and we can even install it for you (if needed).

 We have an extremely talented in-house team, skilled artists and the latest machinery & technology, which allows us to achieve stunning results.

All pets have their own quirky personalities, so why not show this in their final resting place.

 If you want a hand painted engraved portrait – we can do it

Bespoke Pet Memorial with a silhouette of Jasper and its pawn with and inscription
Beautiful pet memorial in circle form with the pet name and an inscription




How to maintain your Pet’s Memorial Stone

All the materials we use are very durable and should stand the test of time, but we understand accidents happen and for that reason we do offer memorial insurance if needed. 

Cleaning your pets memorial stone should be relatively easy, and we can guide you through this once you have chosen the material, we can then also give you some pointers of what products to use and what ones not to use that would damage the stone.

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