Emerald Pearl Granite Gothic Headstone with Flower Vase

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Elevate your memorial gesture with the resplendent Emerald Pearl Gothic headstone, a harmonious embodiment of remembrance for your cherished loved one. Forged from robust granite, this memorial stands unwavering against the ebb of time. Its apex is a pointed homage to the Gothic style, crowned by a gilded bird ornament, symbolizing grace and eternity. Nestled in the base lies a solitary memorial flower vase, a vessel of reverence.

Our proposition envelopes not only the artistry of the memorial itself but the meticulous installation thereof, performed by the skilled hands of our experienced stone masons. The groundwork and anchoring system materialise as a part of this all-encompassing package. A canvas for your sentiment awaits, permitting the inscription of up to 100 letters, a sentiment shared without extra burden. Should your narrative thirst for more space, a modest charge will extend its boundaries.

Moreover, the wings of assurance embrace this memorial in a 30-year guarantee, a testament to our commitment to lasting legacies. To partake in this conversation of commemoration, the "enquire" button beckons, birthing a dialogue of enlightenment. Should tactile discovery be your preference, our headstone showrooms in Bristol stand as repositories of knowledge, awaiting your exploration.


27” x 21″ x 3″

Base Dimensions

3” x 24” x 12″