Tropical Green Granite with Maroon Vein

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Contemplate this Tropical Green Granite headstone adorned with a graceful maroon vein as an impeccable tribute to your beloved departed. The expertise of our craftsmen breathes life into the durable granite, ensuring an enduring legacy that withstands the passage of time. To enhance its essence, twin memorial flower vases stand as sentinels of remembrance.

Our adept stone masons, architects of reverence, orchestrate the installation journey. Anchored by the embrace of necessary foundations and a steadfast ground anchor system, this symphony of service is harmoniously woven into the cost. The canvas of this memorial welcomes personalisation with up to 100 letters of engraving, a tribute to cherished words, with a modest fee for each additional letter. Anchoring your journey in peace, a 30-year guarantee stands as a testament.

Should the path of inquiry beckon, traverse its trail with a single click upon the "enquire" button, or grace our headstone sanctuaries nestled within the embrace of Bristol. Within these walls, let us weave the story that resonates with your heart, crafting an enduring tribute to honor the one who has passed.


30” x 28″ x 4″

Base Dimensions

4” x 30” x 12″