Restoration of Altar – Our Lady & St Patrick Church, Maesteg

Summers Memorials were asked to assist in the restoration of the altar in Our Lady & St Patrick’s Church in Maesteg. The main detailed carved stone canopy over the central altar suddenly collapsed and fell over 5m to the floor during extensive restoration of the church, sadly smashing into hundreds of pieces. This unfortunate incident required the painstaking repair and restoration of the historically important clerical artefact. 

The rest of the main altar, as well as the two smaller side altars, required full renovation to be returned to its former glory. Our specialist stone masons were tasked with rebuilding these altars using what could be salvaged from the fallen pieces. Years of paint, grime, carbon deposits and debris were carefully removed to reveal the original beautiful sandstone and inlaid polished marbles and granites. With years of experience in stone masonry, our expert team were able to resurrect the intricate stonework and restore the beauty of all three altars.