Memorial Restoration & Refurbishment

“I would like to thank you for restoring my great, great grandfather’s memorial – James James the composer of the Welsh National Anthem – to it’s original state.

Your staff have done a great service to the people of Wales as a nation we are indebted to you.

The grave looks much better than I ever thought possible, it is a work of art. I still cannot get over the difference between the way it looked and the magnificent façade which we look upon now”

Barbara Jenkins (nee James)

Restoration and Refurbishment of a memorial requires skill and intricate knowledge of materials.

Since we were established in 1906 we have seen too many memorials become even more damaged from incorrect cleaning and repair work that has been carried out by other companies who don’t possess our wealth of experience and our depth of knowledge.

Despite what many of these ‘quick fix’ companies may want you to believe, memorial cleaning is not just a simple case of dousing your loved one’s memorial in chemicals. These acid chemicals can cause immediate and long term damage to the stone whilst appearing initially to have made the memorial cleaner. The wrong chemicals in fact expose the pores of the memorial to all the elements and air pollutants which then help accelerate the memorial’s deterioration. These chemicals will cause the memorial to decay, becoming dirty and in need of proper cleaning or in some cases marbles and granites have been irreparably harmed.

Our correct method of cleaning memorials uses a combination of chemical and mechanical techniques acquired and developed by our expert craftsmen for over 110 years.

Our special cleaning processes remove a microscopic layer of the dirty and damaged surface of the stone which closes down the pores, sealing the surface of the material in a natural and healthy way. The correct application of specialist chemicals, if needed, are applied and removed with expert diligence.

Unless a memorial is extremely large many Cemetery & Churchyard Authorities will no longer permit memorials to be cleaned and refurbished on site due to Health & Safety Regulations. The most successful results are actually achieved under workshop conditions using our latest technology and equipment. All refurbishment work is carried out to the highest industry standards and conforms to all Health & Safety requirements — achieving the best method and results for all.

We urge all our clients not to be misled by quick “chemical-wash” forms of cleaning which is why we offer to let our fully trained staff inspect your memorial without any cost or obligation. We will then provide you with a full and detailed report on the memorial’s current condition together with our recommendation and quotation for its refurbishment all completely free of charge and obligation.

Trust the experts — we won’t let you down.