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How To Choose A Headstone Inscription Font

A helpful guide to perfecting your memorial

When choosing a headstone, an important consideration that needs to be made early on is the inscription font. This can have a big effect on the overall look of the memorial, so it is important to get it right. The main factor to think about when selecting a headstone font is the legibility; you need to ensure that your memorial will be easy to understand for years to come.  

Fonts for headstones generally fall into four categories:


Serif fonts are formal fonts that feature small decorative strokes at the ends of each letter for an established appearance. They are much quicker and easier to understand than other types of lettering and are therefore often used for print purposes.


San Serif

A san serif font is considered to be much more modern than a more traditional serif font. They do not include the decorative strokes that are seen on serif fonts, which means they are less easily understood. San serif fonts are often used on the web.  



Gothic fonts are also known as Blackletter or Old English fonts, and are known for their elaborate appearance. They are made up of dramatic thin and thick strokes and often features decorative swirls on the serif, which makes them highly unique.



Script fonts are an elaborate alternative to Serif fonts. They are based on calligraphy and feature fluid strokes that mimic cursive handwriting.


Your Selection

It is important to note that certain fonts will be unsuitable for different types of stone. For example, Granite is a popular choice for headstones as it is a highly durable material, but it is too coarse for thin fonts to be engraved into it. In comparison, Slate headstones have a unique composition that cannot be cut as deeply as other stones and is therefore more suited to thin, elegant fonts.  


The style of memorial will also have an impact on the type of font selected. If you are choosing a classic Gothic-style memorial, then you will need a complimentary font such as Times New Roman or Old English. For a more modern style of memorial, a simple san serif font would look more attractive. Traditionally, a Gothic or Script font is used for a memorial, but this is entirely dependent on the style of headstone that you choose.  


CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font
CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font

Here at Summers Memorials, we are on hand to help you through every step of the process. The style of font that you select plays a key role in the overall appearance of a memorial, but finding the right one can be a challenge. There are plenty of options available, and our expert team of Family Advisors are on hand to offer any advice and guidance 


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