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Which Material Is Best For A Headstone?

A helpful guide to perfecting your memorial

Finding the perfect design for a headstone is a difficult task, but here at Summers Memorials, we are on hand to help you. A headstone should be built to stand the test of time, so finding the right material is a vital step in the process. There are many factors to consider when selecting a material, including cost, versatility and appearance.  

Here at Summers Memorials, we only work with quality natural materials that are suitable for use in the UK climate. We work closely with a number of cemeteries in Bristol and offer a range of different materials to suit all requirements.

Below are some of the most popular stones we work with:  


CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font

By far the most popular choice for a headstone, granite is an impressively durable stone that will maintain its appearance for decades. This strong stone is not affected by normal weather conditions and has a unique composition that allows for intricate designs to be carved into it. Granite is relatively low cost compared to other natural materials, and its longevity makes it a worthy investment. It comes available in a range of beautiful finishes, including Star Galaxy, Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl, although classic Black Granite is the most common choice for a memorial. 



CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font

Marble is a beautiful, elegant stone that is another popular choice for memorials. It has a striking natural appearance, and it can be intricately carved into almost any design. White marble features veins of black, grey, or blue running through it, making each piece completely unique. It can be carved into almost any design, but it can also become weathered over time from the mild acid found in rainwater. This can cause inscriptions to become difficult to read and can also ruin the beauty of the design. It is also overall more expensive than other headstone materials.   



CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font

Portland Limestone makes a good material for a headstone due to its durability and versatility. Other limestones are also suitable, but the beauty of Portland Limestone makes it hugely popular. It has a distinctively beautiful finish which meant that it was commonly used for traditional headstones. As with marble, limestone is weather by the mild acid in rain over time. Although a Portland Limestone headstone will last for decades, the inscription and beauty will fade quicker than that of other materials.  


Welsh Slate

CJ ball memorials barry how to choose a headstone inscription font

Slate is a popular material for a headstone due to its durability and attractive finish. Here at Summers Memorials, we use only the highest quality locally sourced Welsh Slate. It is resistant the weather elements, ensuring your headstone retains its beauty for decades to come. Its unique composition allows for extremely intricate carving, which makes it an excellent choice.  


Here at Summers, we work with a selection of quality natural materials to offer a range of memorials in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our skilled family advisors have years of experience in helping families find the right way to commemorate a loved one, and are on hand to help you to find the best material for your headstone.  

There are restrictions in place across certain cemeteries that prohibit the use of some materials. We work closely with Bristol cemeteries to ensure you find the perfect memorial for your chosen cemetery, including Avon View Cemetery, South Bristol Cemetery and Thornbury Cemetery. Our years of experience allow us to offer expert advice on the regulations of each individual burial space.   


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